• Monday - Closed
  • Tuesday - Closed
  • Wednesday - 9:00am - 11:30pm, REPAIRS
  • Thursday - Closed
  • Friday - Closed
  • Saturday - 9:00am - 11:30pm, REPAIRS
  • Sunday - Closed

Bike Giveaways

To receive a free bike from us
you must call 585-910-9063
on a Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday, or Friday between
the times of 9:15 am and
12:15 pm to get an
No Referral needed!!

Appointments are made on

Wednesdays and Saturdays only.

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R Community Bikes Shop:

226 Hudson Ave,
Rochester, NY 14605

FOR DONATIONS: Postal Address. (USPS does not deliver to 226 Hudson):

R Community Bikes
PO Box 26471
Rochester NY 14626


(585) 234-2008, answering machine only.

For quicker response, email:

For general information, donations and to volunteer:


Bike Repairs

Limited repairs will be available at 226 Hudson starting Wednesday, June 16, 2021. First come, first served.

We will have the ability to supply and staff some of our former satellite clinics. Start dates for St. Joe's satellite clinic will be June 16, 2021; both Cameron Ministry and the Beechwood clinics will begin June 18, 2021.

We are happy to offer bike repairs to those who can’t afford the services of a commercial bike shop. If you do have the means, please take your business to one of our local bikes shops, who have been extremely generous in supporting our mission.

We have two schedules for bike repairs depending on the season — Summer Hours and Winter Hours. Summer hours are for May 1st through October 1st (weather dependent) and winter hours are October 1st through April 1st.

During Summer Hours, from May to October, we do repairs only on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm., first come, first served. It is not unusual for the line to begin to form at 6:00 am or earlier. Unfortunately, demand sometimes exceeds our capacity to meet it so we can’t guarantee that your bike will be repaired, though we do our best.

To beat the lines, please consider going to one of our satellite locations when they’re open, weather permitting, generally during Summer hours. Note, though, that we don’t keep a full complement of tools and spare parts at those locations and may have to refer you to headquarters for some repairs.

WEDNESDAY: 9-noon St Joseph's House of Hospitality 420 South Ave, 2021 OPENING JUNE 16

WEDNESDAY: 4-7PM at 441 Parsells Ave, 2021 OPENING JUNE 16. This is a different day of the week from prior years.

FRIDAY: Cameron Ministry, Cameron St off Lyell 9 - Noon, 2021 OPENING JUNE 18

WINTER HOURS: From October to May, we do repairs everyday at 226 but our off site clinics are closed